Kemp Construction was founded in 1937 by James P Kemp. As a general contractor, Kemp Construction has built innumerable structures over the last eight decades throughout Ontario. Many of these landmark structures still stand today as testament to the company’s workmanship and experience.

By 1941 business was good enough that the company purchased property at 121 Vansitmart Ave, Hamilton Ontario to build the company’s headquarters, where the company’s office still resides today.

James Kemp Construction Limited is a multi-generational company, operating in Hamilton Ontario. Started by James P Kemp the company grew to be led by his six sons. As a vibrant general contractor, the firm built many projects in the greater Hamilton area, and throughout Ontario.

Over the years, Kemp Construction has embraced emerging industry technologies, a practice that continues today. In 1952, Kemp built the Isotope Building in Oakville; the first lift slab building in Eastern Canada. In 2003 the company built the PIC Durham Testing Facility in Oshawa using a technique new to Canada; tilt-up construction. The pursuit of leading technology allows Kemp Construction to complete complex and challenging projects under accelerated schedules.

The company and its owners were generous contributors to the community, supporting sporting organizations, charities while remaining committed to association work. Jack (Son of James Sr) was heavily involved with the Hamilton-Halton General Contractors Association, mainly as a negotiator, as well as the Hamilton-Halton Construction Association.

Throughout its history Kemp Construction has developed strong relationships with its clients who continue to rely on Kemp to “get the job done”. Kemp continues to work with many of the leaders in the automotive, petrochemical, steel-making, pharmaceutical, healthcare, academic, commercial, and government sectors.